The Intuitive Mind: Eight Steps for Honing Your Psychic Abilities

Sunday, September 11, 2016
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 The Intuitive Mind: Eight Steps for Honing Your Psychic Abilities
(The Mind Unleashed) As I lay there on a massage table, I began drifting into a deep meditative state. Based on my education and experience with meditation, I knew there was a predominance of theta waves occurring in my brain. It was so peaceful, an almost dream-like state, and I could feel the wonderful effects of endorphins being released in my body. I had just met Brenda, the therapist, and really didn’t know much about her.
Just as a I felt myself drifting off to sleep, I heard “Andy, Andy,” and then I heard “Andy’s sister.” Hearing this pulled me to a slightly higher level of consciousness, which stopped me from falling asleep. I let myself be pleasantly curious about what I was experiencing, and then I heard it again. “Andy, Andy,” and “Andy’s sister.” This voice wasn’t male or female; it was just there, but very adamant. I made a mental note to ask Brenda about Andy once we were done, and then I drifted off to sleep only to be awakened by the sound of my own snoring.
After I got dressed, I met Brenda outside in the waiting room, and I asked her “Do you know a guy named Andy?” Brenda said, “No, but my best girl friend in Maryland is named Andy.” It kind of takes your breath away when you have an experience like that, and then I said, “What’s going on with Andy’s sister?” Brenda responded, “Her sister just entered hospice with breast cancer.”
What I just described is one of many nonlocal intuitive experiences I’ve had in my life. Nonlocal intuition is an unexplained knowing that defies logic and is not explained by pattern recognition or memory retrieval. It’s one of the great mysteries in life that is so unexplainable, professional skeptics weigh in by saying that the possibility doesn’t even exist.
I’m an advocate of healthy skepticism, which is a key part of the scientific method. The truth is that the scientific method is limited by the technology and methods through which it is applied. Just because we don’t have scientific evidence for something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. A lot of skeptics sometimes forget that part of the equation in their quest for truth through a lens of academic arrogance.
As a physician board certified in Internal Medicine who graduated with honors from medical school, I understand and appreciate the scientific method. I also appreciate the great mysteries in life, and am humble enough to admit the possibility something does exist even when I don’t understand it. More important, when I do have an experience that defies logic, I’m going to do my best to try and come up with a rational explanation for how it might have occurred, however silly it may sound.
When someone who is mentally sound has a personal experience that defies logic, they know it happened because it was their experience. So when I hear someone say that the parapsychological phenomenon of nonlocal intuition doesn’t exist, I remind myself that they have either never had the experience, or they had a nonlocal intuitive experience, but the phenomenon is just not part of their belief system.
It’s your choice what to believe, but if you take skepticism to the point of cynicism about nonlocal intuition, it shuts you out of very real experiences that have the potential to empower your life. After all, having powerful intuition lets you become your own authority on many levels.
Nonlocal intuitive experiences happen every day to ordinary people. Research suggests that you can improve your chances of having nonlocal intuitive experiences by honing practices associated with mindfulness and meditation. (McCraty, 2004) Science is finally proving what the ancients taught over a thousand years ago by documenting clairvoyance as described in the Yoga Sutras.
The third book of the Yoga Sutras described siddhis, or supernormal powers, that can be attained through meditation. These powers, such as clairvoyance, are actually normal powers of every human, and can be honed through various mind-body practices.
Most people who have nonlocal intuitive experiences write them off as coincidences, when in fact, those experiences involve simply tapping into an energetic field of information that is available to us all. This energetic field of information that permeates the entire universe is called the unified field, and scientists are struggling to come up with a mathematical model to prove its existence.
The method for tapping into this energetic field of information varies from individual to individual. Some people, such as legitimate psychics, are naturally good at it. Other people have to work at honing this skill, but everyone is capable of it. I don’t consider myself a psychic, but I’ve had multiple experiences like this.
If you want to sharpen your skill of tapping in, I suggest the following:
(1)  First, truly believe this is possible. Belief produces resonance, which facilitates an alignment of energies for an optimal exchange of information to take place.
(2)  Know that you are an energetic being in a universe that is made up of energy, and that all energy contains information.
(3)  Eat healthy and exercise regularly as these practices support the energies of your physical body. Food is energy, and the study of epigenetics shows that the phytonutrients in food literally turn your genes on and off to create wellness or disease.
(4)  Regularly do some type of mind-body practice, such as mindfulness and meditation, as this helps you to focus your energies for tapping in. When you practice mindfulness and meditation, you are creating coherence in your body’s systems and training your consciousness, which is energy, to align. Coherence is like when members of an orchestra play in tune and at the same tempo.
(5)  Set the intention for your Higher Mind, also know as your Higher Self, to align with the layers of consciousness contained in your physical body. The study I cited showed that it is the consciousness of your heart that initially receives the nonlocal intuitive information, even before the consciousness of your brain.
(6)  Get really good at triggering your relaxation response, which is the opposite of your stress response. Triggering your relaxation response with any mind-body practice causes your autonomic nervous system, your autopilot, to go into a state of balance. You can trigger your relaxation response by simply belly breathing instead of chest breathing.
(7)  Set an intention to receive nonlocal intuitive information when you do these practices.
(8)  And finally, practice, practice, practice:)
Belief, intention, and trust are keys to being successful at this. You can do it!
Mccraty R, Atkinson M, Bradley RT. Electrophysiological evidence of intuition: Part 2. A system-wide process?. J Altern Complement Med. 2004;10(2):325-36.
Dr. Keith Holden is a physician who is board certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Functional Medicine. He has a special interest in parapsychology, mind-body medicine, and spirituality in medicine. His popular course on“Power of the Mind in Health and Healing,” teaches how to use the power of your mind to heal your body and maximize your intuition.
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Costa Rica Turned Off Fossil Fuels — Running Only Renewable Energy for Over 100 Days

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Costa Rica Turned Off Fossil Fuels — Running Only Renewable Energy for Over 100 Days 

By Claire Bernish
For over 100 days in 2016, Costa Rica has generated all of its electricity from hydro, wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal sources — 100 percent renewable energy.
In fact, the small Latin American nation has gone at least 121 days without resorting to fossil fuels to power its electric grid — and plans to finish the year powered only by green energy.
Considering the country’s astonishing record last year, perhaps the news isn’t surprising: For all of 2015, Costa Rica sourced 99 percent of its power from renewables — including a full 285 days 100 percent free from fossil fuels.
As Inhabitat explains:
“Costa Rica is able to take advantage of a multitude of renewable energy sources because of its unique climate and terrain. Most of the nation’s renewable energy comes from hydropower, due to its large river system and heavy tropical rainfalls. Solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy also play key roles.”
During the first three months of 2016 — despite crippling drought conditions — Costa Rica still managed to generate 97 percent of its energy without the help of polluting fossil fuel sources.
According to an April article in the Tico Times, the country’s state-run Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) “now considers fossil fuels a backup energy generation source.”
Costa Ricans whose personal solar panels generate a surplus are able to store the excess in the national grid under a program started in March.
Although the small nation certainly leads the fight to reduce fossil fuel energy generation, it by no means stands alone.
Sweden draws half of its power from renewables, as the prime minister applauded the country’s attempt to become the “first fossil fuel-free” nation in the world, the Independent reported.
Denmark became the planet’s leader for energy sourced from wind — nearly 40 percent of the nation’s electricity came from its extensive wind turbine installations in 2014.
Even Portugal managed to run for 107 straight days without using any fossil fuel-based sources earlier this year. Coal and natural gas had provided the bulk of Portugal’s energy until a push toward solar, wind, and hydro left non-renewable sources in the dust.
Of course, in unfortunate contrast to Costa Rica, Denmark, and many others, the United States continues not only heavy reliance on fossil fuels, but thwarting attempts by individuals and renewable energy startups to move toward greener energy.
In an act of astonishing hubris and greed, Wyoming’s state legislature decided earlier this month it, in fact, owns the wind — a decision made so the state could tax startup renewable companies out of existence to allay the ‘threat’ to fossil fuel giants.
Nevada arbitrarily hiked its tax on solar power by 40 percent in January — effectively quashing every effort by individuals and small companies to break from dependence on fossil fuels. Worse, as The Free Thought Project reported, the sudden tax increase was applied retroactively — killing investments in the burgeoning industry.
“It will destroy the rooftop solar industry in one of the states with the most sunshine,” said SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive at the time. “There is so much wrong with the decision. The one beneficiary of this decision would be NV Energy, whose monopoly will have been protected.”
Wyoming and Nevada aren’t the only states to suppress the move toward renewables, but they’re glaring examples of the U.S. government’s hypocritical attitude about green energy.
President Obama constantly feigns concern about the warming climate, but the U.S. has not made major moves in support of clean energy — instead opting to continue subsidies for fossil fuel corporations, while proposing only negligible steps to breaking dependence on coal and natural gas.
Indeed, a recent report found the United States managed to generate 16.9 percent of its energy from renewable sources — amazing, considering the obstacles against green energy, but paltry when compared with the effort the rest of the world has put into renewables.
Source: The Free Thought Project
Keshe Foundation 


McClendon Group McClendon News Service, Inc. (Since 1946)

Founded by Senior White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon (1911-2003)

Post Office Box 6010, Washington, D.C. 20005 – Telephone (703) 855-1266

(On the Record – Press Welcome)


WHEN: Wednesday, August 17, 2016. Come at 6:00pm for dinner with the speaker or at 7:00pm for the presentation & demo and/or 6:30PM EDT (12:30am CEST) ZOOM public ID: 939474503  or Livestream and/or YouTube live broadcasts

WHERE: National Press Club, McClendon Room, 529 14th Street NW, 13th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20045. Free parking after 5PM with National Press Club dinner validation of your parking receipt at the PMI Garage on G Street (between 13th & 14th)

WHO: Armen Guloyan of the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute. Other Keshe representatives will also be present.

WHAT: Attendees will see and hear a Keshe Foundation presentation & demonstration of a Tesla-type, fuel-less, stand-alone generator that generates electricity for an average-sized home — with no connection to an electrical outlet, no batteries, no oil, no gas, no coal, no nuclear, no solar and no hydroelectric. The Keshe Foundation intends to replace oil, gas, coal, solar, hydro & nuclear for the generation of electricity, for powering moving vehicles and for flight. Other applications are also forthcoming (including healthcare, desalinization & agriculture), as per the Keshe Foundation.

Watch LIVE at 6:30PM EDT (12:30AM CEST) via Livestream!


Alternative LIVE Broadcasts:

YouTube –

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21 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

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21 Ways To Raise Your Vibration 

(In5D) According to the numerous wisdom teachings, Lao Tzu, Edison, Gregg Braden, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, the Buddha, Ken Wilber, Louis Hay, the Dalai Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and a thousand other experts, both ancient and modern, our inner world affects the outer world. This is the great secret that every other culture knows except the West – Egypt, Bolivia, Tibet, Polynesia, China, Japan, Peru, villages in the Andes mountains, etc. – until now.
Our past scientific assumptions have been erroneous more than once. The first wrong assumption is that the space around us is empty. It isn’t. It is full of a living essence, which we are just beginning to understand. This essence is like a conduit that is affected by our thoughts. Nuns and Monks know this. That is what they use prayer and meditation for. It charges thought to interact with this essence. We call it miracles, but it is getting in touch with this conduit – this empty space, which carries our mental frequencies out into the field of possibility. The second wrong assumption is that our external circumstances just happen. They don’t. We create them. Like oscillations of a bowed string, the notes we play do matter.
You’ve been hearing it everywhere. Your vibration, or the pattern of your thoughts, attitudes and actions, is what creates your reality. If you want to change what you experience then you need to change your vibration. There are a million ways to do this but here are just a few:
There is a learning curve. You can’t give up the first time you try to change your thoughts, and thus your vibration. You have to practice it – over and over again. So take out a journal and write your new thoughts – the ones which reflect your experiences as you would like to see them happen, not necessarily that which your current vibration is creating. There are thousands of neurons, which are recruited to physically write down a thought, instead of just typing it into a computer screen.
Find something of beauty and just appreciate it. It can be a flower growing from a crack in the sidewalk. It can be the glint in a lover’s eyes. It can be your child’s smile, or a newly organized shelf of books. Just one thing. That’s all you need.
Make a list of all that you are grateful for. The reason gratitude journals and thankfulness lists work is because, just like cognitive behavioral training, you can make neuro-pharmacalogical and neuro-biological changes with a shift in your focus on gratitude. Start with a few things: I can take a breath. I am here, now. I have at least one friend. I am able to change myself with my own will. Then expand to make your list your own.
Meditate. Think of nothing. This is more than likely a more neutral and therefore more positive place to take your vibration.
Related: What to do BEFORE You Meditate
Do something for someone else. Giving to someone else shifts your thinking from “I don’t have enough, to I have more than enough to give to others.” Abundance is a high vibration.
Change your DNA. It has a vibration too. There are sound frequencies which when listened to frequently, shift your vibration with 528 hz. There are recordings all over the internet.
Listen to music you love. Music shifts your frequency by making you happy.
Stop complaining and gossiping. Are the things you are talking about bringing you more of what you want? Stop complaining, and start finding ways to rejoice.
Move. Exercise. Get active. Dance! Not only does movement change your perspective, it also creates endorphins which help you to feel happy. The happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency.
Do something a little crazy. Have you always wanted to go sky-diving? How about learning to dance? Have you always wanted to try public speaking – find an open mic night and go for it. You probably feel like you have nothing to lose – so dive right in. Just doing something new rewires your brain.
Listen to the ancient chants from Buddhist and Gregorian monks. They are designed to shift your frequency.
Not sure where you are vibrating? Just check in. How do you feel right now? Just observe it and then you can change it. Perception starts with awareness.
Do mental reps. Say to yourself 100 times a day. I am happy or I am prosperous, or I am unafraid of change. You may not believe it yet, but with practice you will. Your 100 repetitions could just be, I can change my mind.

Do Yoga, Reiki, or Qigong or another of the martial arts. All these practices aim at shifting your mental vibration and raising your Qi.
Realize that you have more control over your life than you thought. You are not a victim to circumstance, past, family upbringing, trauma, or anything else. You can change your life in an instant. Just realize this. In many wisdom traditions this is called “total responsibility.” No one is responsible for how you feel right now but you. It isn’t a curse. It’s a blessing because it gives you your power back.
Breathe. Just sit and try to make your breath longer, fuller, and more relaxed. It has a direct affect on your nervous system and helps to calm you down. A calm vibration is a high vibration.
Drink energy charged water. Dr. Masaru Emoto made this practice mainstream with his pictures in Messages from water. But it is also a practice from Chinese healers from ancient lineages. You can hold your water with the thumbs and middle fingers touching on either side of the bottle (heart Mudra) and send the water love. Then drink it.
Practice Mudra. Mudras are ancient hand gestures that redirect energy, or prana, back into the body in much the same way that light is refracted/reflected from a cliff face or glacial wall. By learning specific ways in which to hold your fingers, you can direct positive energy into your body.
Jump up and down. It is said that the simple action of jumping excites the cells in the body and makes them healthier. Have some fun on a trampoline.
Practice Ho’oponopono. The ancient Hawaiians believed that sadness, depression and dis-ease only occurred when we perceived ourselves as separate from the Oneness, the Divine. One of the practice’s main themes is forgiveness. Forgive yourself or someone else and raise your vibration.
Hug someone. The American Psychosomatic Society published a study saying that just 10 minutes of positive physical contact with another human being can greatly reduce stress. Vibration…raised.
Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga.
Source: In5D

Wisdom Teachings: The Ceres Pyramid

Season 22, Episode 18

Summary By Shem El-Jamal
In the recent past, there have been a number of headlines that have revealed much more than the typical song and dance of the mainstream. In contrast, these headlines have shown the most blatantly descriptive evidence that the common media monotony is no longer the order of the day.
There have been a number of these blatant signs in recent media publications which show that something has most definitely changed behind the scenes. One of these changes comes in the form of buzz-words which seem to hint at the reality of E.T. life. When these news publications refer to off-world locations they may use words such as “structure,” “lights,” or “second Earth” in describing features of planetary bodies.
Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – NASA’s Quiet Disclosure Part 2 
Within this collection of words, it seems that very few hold more significance than the word “pyramid.” I would imagine that not many of us would have ever thought that a mainstream media source would even think to claim such a structure existed off planet. Yet they did, and there was much more to the story. This subject was one of many which this episode of Wisdom Teachings showcased.

A Planned Visit

The discussion started out with a review of the subject of Niara Terela Isley, who is a former airman in the United States Air Force and whistleblower on the reality of military abductions. Ms. Isley was the unfortunate test subject of one of the SSP faction known as the Dark Fleet—a group said to have originally been initiated by the Nazi breakaway group that colonized the moon after the Second World War.
One particular detail within this discussion was helpful in defining both the past and the current situations we see progressing out in space and here on the Earth’s surface. We have heard throughout the Cosmic Disclosure series of the various E.T. groups currently residing in our solar system. We have learned that the Draco Reptilian group covertly manipulates much of the Dark Fleet as well as the as various cabal-controlled governments here on the surface. However, these Draco are not actually in control.
Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Draco Moon Base – Discussing Solar Systemic Changes, Military Abduction, and More
In past episodes of both Wisdom Teachings and the Cosmic Disclosure series, it has been discussed how long ago, the Draco Reptilians actually gave up their free will to an A.I. control structure in exchange for a number of benefits. From that point on, the Draco were subject to the will of this A.I. which sought to conquer the galaxy and take over as many star systems as possible.
These Draco Reptilians initially seduced the Nazis into a partnership and have been manipulating operations in our solar system to their own advantage. This also includes the A.I. controlled Greys. These Greys are actually a form of android, or PLF (programmable life form) which serve as the medical staff of the Dark Fleet at the Reptilian lunar base. This is said to be the reason why these Greys are reported by abductees to be present during the painful medical procedures they describe.
Along with this recap, Wilcock made the announcement that those at Gaia were working toward bringing Niara Isley in as a guest on the Cosmic Disclosure set and to give her testimony first hand. In my view, this would prove to be an extremely interesting conversation. Though this is still in the works, we may be able to see this interview in the near future.

Old “Ghosts” Return

The first topic of discussion revealed some telling details on the current financial situation here in the United States. The article of focus gave a fairly descriptive explanation of this financial climate. However, the most telling message within it is not necessarily overt in nature. This message is more subtle. The article mentions the concept of the “ghost of 1937”, but what does this actually mean?
Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Business not as Usual – Examining Clear Signs of Progress toward Planetary Liberation
In the previous episode, it was discussed how at one point the Federal Reserve had resorted to freezing the debt ceiling while continuing to print worthless money behind the scenes. This appeared to be a wanton act of fraud and would have been grounds for arrest if anyone else attempted it. However for the Fed, this crime simply represented business as usual. In light of this fraud, it becomes clear that the financial system is bankrupt. Moreover, this fraudulent financial system is proving to large a degree to be a significant liability as opposed to an asset, and not just in the figurative sense. Here is CNBC with the article of interest.
In trying to steer the economy of 2015, the Federal Reserve is fighting the foreboding spirit of 1937. Wall Street strategists, in fact, are worried that the U.S. central bank is so cautious over not making the mistakes of a long-ago ancestor that it may miss a solid opportunity to normalize monetary policy after seven years of decidedly abnormal times.
“Many policymakers and market observers assert that the risk of the Fed raising rates too early exceeds that of moving too late. This is the specter of 1937, when the Fed raised rates prematurely and exacerbated the Great Depression,” Michael Arone, managing director and chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, said in an analysis for clients titled “Why the Federal Reserve Needs to Bury the Ghost of 1937.”
Most investors assume the prevailing lower-for-longer consensus is bullish for both equities and bonds,” he added. However, Arone said his “view is that a tardy Fed has a good chance of proving bearish for bonds and, longer term, for equities as well.”
The Fed’s Open Market Committee gathers this week at a meeting that only a few months ago was expected to include the first rate increase in nine years. However, slower-than-expected economic growth has taken some of the urgency off the expected tightening.
Now, traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange aren’t pricing in a hike until December. While Arone said he doesn’t think the Fed should move now, he believes the risks of waiting too long outweigh those of tightening too soon.
“Risks in this environment are growing, not shrinking,” he said. “The longer the Fed stays on this path, the more aggressively it may have to tighten and the crueler the asset price adjustment will be when it finally comes.”
What’s causing much of the consternation is fear that, like 1937, a desire to avoid bubbles and normalize rates will come too soon and plunge the economy back into a slump. The Fed took its short-term rates target down to zero amid the financial crisis and the Great Recession, and has been there since late 2008.
As Wilcock explains, this article is a subtle way of both stating that the financial game is over, but that officials are busy looking for a solution. More specifically, these officials are looking for a self-serving solution that will continue the global game of monopoly that we loosely term “economics.” Wilcock gives special attention to one particular statement in this discussion. That is the statement which referred to the Fed’s efforts stating, “…it may miss a solid opportunity to normalize monetary policy after seven years of decidedly abnormal times.” For some, this statement may pass as an acceptable string of euphemisms. However, in essence, it seems to communicate the same message we have been hearing.
Zero Hedge – Yes, The US Government Really Is Bankrupt
It has been discussed in previous episodes how the economic crash of 2008 left a significant hole in the world economy, specifically in that of America. Ever since that time the corporate media has done everything possible in attempt to communicate the concept of an “economic recovery.” However, as David Wilcock states, there is no recovery. What has been termed a “recovery” is actually nothing more than the continuation of the printing of worthless paper for the purpose of maintaining the illusion of recovery and success, and as it turns out, the use of the idea of a “ghost” in the above article is meant to scare the public into continuing the financial game that ended in 2008…
Continue Reading → Source: Discerning the Mystery
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Wisdom Teachings: The Ceres Pyramid

Season 22, Episode 18

The whole Cabal enterprise is collapsing under the weight of disclosure. The complexity of the world’s financial systems has been crucial for maintaining control over the whole of humanity. And, as David Wilcock reveals from the past year of disclosures, these mechanisms of financial control are beginning to falter. What’s more, is NASA’s reports of a pyramid on Ceres and life-favorable conditions on Titan, Europa and Enceladus may be opening the door for full disclosure of the prevalence of life throughout the cosmos. This presentation was originally webcast August 29, 2016.
Watch this Episode →

Water Therapy: Benefits of Drinking Water Right After You Wake Up

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Water Therapy: Benefits of Drinking Water Right After You Wake Up 

(Body Mind Soul Spirit) Many call it Japanese Water Therapy. Not only is it insanely simple, but scientific studies have provided information strongly suggesting that it can indeed work.
17 years ago, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was serving a jail sentence as a political prisoner in Iran. Being a doctor, the thing he knew best was how to treat, ease, and cure illnesses. However, Dr. Batmanghelidj did not have access to professional workstations, tools, and medicines, except for one. Water.
During his sentence, it was reported that Dr. Batmanghelidj had successfully treated 3,000 inmates suffering from peptic ulcers. Since then, the doc has gotten out of jail and has dedicated his career to studying the harmful effects of dehydration. The discoveries that followed helped thousands of people restore their health.
So what kind of health benefits can water provide? Water has been proven to help prevent arthritis, back pain, angina, migraines, colitis, asthma, high blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol.
The water treatment method is as follows:
1. Right after waking up in the morning, drink 640ml (about 4 glasses) of fluoride-free water. If you’re drinking water from a faucet, chances are it’s inevitable. However, scientists have recently discovered a natural de-fluoridation method using holy basil herbs. Other options are distilled water (make sure to add minerals back into the water, including some baking soda for alkalinity) and reverse osmosis. Caution should be taken, as drinking too much water can indeed kill you. If you feel you can’t drink a whole 4 glasses in the morning, starting lower and tapering up to 4 never put anybody to shame. This is the most crucial step, since it’s most likely you didn’t eat anything for more than 8 – 12 hours. This is what many would call an ‘empty stomach’.
2. Brush and clean your teeth and mouth without eating or drinking for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes has gone by, you’re free to eat and drink as you please.
3. Drink a cup of water half an hour before the meal. Do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after each meal.
4. Feel your health start to improve.
According to the Japanese Medical Society, this treatment would take 10 days to treat constipation10 days to treat some gastric issues, and 30 days to treat high blood pressure.
The truth is here is water is not a miracle cure. It is however a very vital part to a person’s physical health and well-being. Simply put, taking care of your body, keeping it hydrated and active, can work wonders for your health. Dehydration isn’t as uncommon as some people might think and it comes in many forms. Dehydration doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling lightheaded and thirsty. Dehydration simply means the body isn’t getting the water it needs to run to its fullest.
Take care of yourselves, friends. Be safe and have a glass or 4 of water.
via MassReport
Source: Body Mind Soul Spirit

5 Reasons Why Mindful Meditation Should Be Taught In School

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5 Reasons Why Mindful Meditation Should Be Taught In School 

(Higher Perspective) I’ve been out of school for almost a decade now, but I remember how stressful it was. Not just in high school, but all the way back to kindergarden. So much is expected of our young people, even at the age of six. Not only are there academic stresses, but you have all of the tough stuff that comes with young people socializing. Bullies, the desire to live up to expectations, and fitting in. But meditation can help improve the school experience. Why?

1. Meditation reduces stress.

Stress is a huge problem for children. Not only is it unhealthy and horrible to deal with, but it hinders their ability to learn. They can’t focus well. They don’t do as well on tests. Stress in children leads to violence too. But meditation is well known to curb stress.

2. Meditation increases a child’s focus.

As I said before, meditation reduces stress which helps improve focus. Not only that, but meditation is about focusing. You often focus on a certain thought or your breath.

3. Meditation increases a child’s empathy.

Meditation is well known to improve empathy for others, which can be really important for kids. Meditation can help prevent bullies from becoming bullies in the first place. They understand better that their actions harm others.

4. Meditation calms kids down.

If you’ve ever been a parent or teacher, you know that when kids are calm, their more optimistic and focus better. Calmness leads to a better academic experience.

5. Meditation makes you happy.

Kids are meant to be happy. Mindful meditation has been used for centuries to improve your outlook on life. When kids are happy, they do better at everything.
Source: Higher Perspective

Nikola Tesla’s 5 Lost Inventions That Threatened The Global Elite

Saturday, August 13, 2016
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Nikola Tesla’s 5 Lost Inventions That Threatened The Global Elite
Most great inventions fundamentally change the society in which they exist. Since the people at the top of the social structure have more to gain by reinforcing the status quo, they suppress revolutionary technologies favorable to the world but dangerous to their existence. Engineering genius Nikola Tesla was no exception. Here’re some of those technologies, ‘they’ don’t want you to know about Nikola Tesla:

Death Ray

Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a “death beam” which he called Teleforce in the 1930s. The device was capable of generating an intense targeted beam of energy “that could be used to dispose of enemy warplanes, foreign armies, or anything else you’d rather didn’t exist”. The so-called “death ray” was never constructed because he believed it would become too easy for counties to destroy each other. Tesla proposed that a nation could “destroy anything approaching within 200 miles… [and]will provide a wall of power” in order to “make any country, large or small, impregnable against armies, airplanes, and other means for attack”. He said that efforts had been made to steal the invention. His room had been entered and his papers had been scrutinized, but the thieves, or spies, left empty-handed.

Tesla’s Oscillator

In 1898, Tesla claimed he had built and deployed a small oscillating device that, when attached to his office and operating, nearly shook down the building and everything around it. In other words, the device could allegedly simulate earthquakes. Realizing the potential terrors such a device could create, “Tesla said he took a hammer to the oscillator to disable it, instructing his employees to claim ignorance to the cause of the tremors if asked”. Some theorists believe the government continues to use Tesla’s research in places like the HAARP facility in Alaska.

Free Electricity System

With funding from JP Morgan, Tesla designed and built Wardenclyffe Tower, a gigantic wireless transmission station, in New York in 1901-1902. Morgan thought the Wardenclyffe Tower could provide wireless communication across the world. However, Tesla had other plans.
Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals. If the project worked, anyone could have electricity by simply sticking a rode into the ground. Unfortunately, free electricity is not profitable. And this system could be incredibly dangerous for the global elite because it could profoundly change the energy industry. Imagine how different the world would be if society didn’t need oil and coal to function? Could the great world powers maintain control? Morgan refused to fund the changes. The project was abandoned in 1906 and never became operational.

The Flying Saucer

In 1911, Nikola Tesla told The New York Herald that he was working on an anti gravity “flying machine”.
My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, at higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of “holes in the air” or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action.”
Tesla’s flying saucer was powered by free energy system at a time when the fledgling aviation and motor car industry depended on oil and petroleum. His invention met the same fate as his free energy system.

Improved Airships

Tesla proposed that electrically-powered airships would transport passengers from New York to London in three hours, traveling eight miles above the ground. He also imagined that airships might draw their power from the very atmosphere, never needing to stop for refueling. Unmanned airships might even be used to transport passengers to a preselected destination or for a remote aerial strike.  He was never given credit for his invention. However, today, we have unmanned drones carrying out combat missions, supersonic airplanes that fly at amazing speeds and space shuttle technology that can circle the Earth in the upper atmosphere.
It was long suspected that the FBI literally stole all of his work, research, and inventions that he had in his possession when he died. This rumor has now been confirmed by recent, heavily redacted Freedom of Information Act requests released by the FBI.
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 California Breaks Solar Record By Generating 8,030 Megawatts Of Electricity For Six Million Homes

Enough energy was generated to power more than 6 million households!

The state of California in the United States is often referred to as the ‘golden state’ as it is believed to be the richest of all the states due to the economic viability of the area. For the past few years, renewable energy has been produced to supply clean and affordable energy there. Now, California has broken all the solar generation records because of it.
According to California’s Independent Solar Operators Corporation (ISO), 8,030 megawatts of large-scale solar power was generated at 1:06 p.m. on July 12, nearly doubling the amount of solar energy produced in mid-2014, and nearly 2,000 megawatts higher than in May 2015.
This new record was set solely by large solar plants. It does not take into consideration 537,637 smaller solar panel arrays installed on private homes and business’ rooftops. According to San Francisco Gate, that’s enough energy to power more than 6 million households.
“This solar production record demonstrates that California is making significant strides forward in connecting low carbon resources to the grid in meeting the state’s goal of reaching 33 percent renewables by 2020,” ISO President and CEO Steve Berberich said.
The ISO noted that at peak electricity demand on Tuesday at 5:54 p.m., almost 29 percent of electricity needs were met by the state’s vast renewable energy portfolio that includes solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, small hydroelectricity and energy storage.
The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has consistently ranked California as the nation’s top solar state. In April, SEIA reported that California has more solar jobs and installed more megawatts of solar capacity last year than any other U.S. state. Its 13,241 megawatts of cumulatively-installed solar capacity is capable of powering an estimated 3.32 million homes.
According to the U.S. Department,
for both utility-scale solar PV and solar thermal, California has more capacity than [the]rest of the country combined, with 52 percent and 73 percent of the nation’s total, respectively.”
In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that requires state-regulated utilities to get 50 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro by 2030. The original bill, introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, is a part of a larger suite of climate-related legislation introduced this year.
“California is laying the groundwork for a healthier and sustainable future for all of our families,” de Leon said in an emailed statement to ThinkProgress. “We are showing [the]world through innovation how we can transition and increase access to renewable energy while cleaning up the air we breathe, especially in our most polluted communities.”
De Leon said the new steps built on the state’s climate leadership but that “our efforts to reduce carbon emissions are far from over as global warming and air pollution remain one of the most important issues of our generation and one of the greatest threats for generations to come.”
Source: True Activist

How Gratitude Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

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How Gratitude Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing
By Dr. Mercola
Can feeling gratitude influence your health? According to a number of studies, the answer is yes.  According to Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy,1 an expert in brain and mind health:2
While the American once-a-year gratitude ritual of Thanksgiving is better than nothing, if you’re serious about your wellbeing, you’d be wise to increase the frequency at which you feel and express gratitude.3
“If [thankfulness]were a drug, it would be the world’s best-selling product with a health maintenance indication for every major organ system.”
People who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions and less anxiety, sleep better4 and have better heart health.5Studies have also shown that gratitude can produce measurable effects on a number of systems in your body, including:
Mood neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine) Inflammatory and immune systems (cytokines)
Reproductive hormones (testosterone) Stress hormones (cortisol)
Social bonding hormones (oxytocin) Blood pressure and cardiac and EEG rhythms
Cognitive and pleasure related neurotransmitters (dopamine) Blood sugar

What Is Gratitude?

So what exactly is gratitude? According to Robert Emmons, Ph.D., one of the leading scientific experts on gratitude featured in the video above, gratitude has two key components:6
  • It’s “an affirmation of goodness;” when you feel gratitude, you affirm that you live in a benevolent world
  • It’s a recognition that the source of this goodness comes from outside of yourself; that other people (or higher powers, if you so like) have provided you with “gifts” that improve your life in some way
In Emmons’ view, gratitude is “a relationship-strengthening emotion, because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.”
While there are as many reasons to be thankful as there are people in the world, one facet of life that many often forget to be thankful for (until it is too late) is their health. We tend to take our health for granted until we’re suddenly in the throes of pain or debilitating illness.
It goes back to the old adage that it’s really the little things that matter most, and if you cultivate gratitude for the little things, it will foster a more deep-seated sense of happiness.
After all, if you have good health and all your mental faculties intact, you also have the prerequisite basics for doing something about the less satisfactory situations in your life.

How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Like a muscle, your sense of gratitude can be strengthened with practice. One way to harness the positive power of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal where you write down what you’re grateful for each day. This can be done in a paper journal, or you can download a Gratitude Journal app from iTunes.7
In one study, people who kept a gratitude journal reported exercising more, and had fewer visits to the doctor compared to those who focused on sources of aggravation.8,9 As Dr. Alison Chen suggests in a recent Huffington Post article,10 creating a nightly gratitude ritual can be a powerful strategy.
“My colleague has a bedtime routine with her [3-year-old] and it includes recognizing what you are grateful for. When this part of the night comes, you can’t shut him up,” Chen writes
“There are so many things that we take for granted and when you listen to the long list that a child can come up with you realize the possibilities for gratefulness are limitless! 
Take a couple minutes each day to stop and reflect; taking regular pause is an excellent way to bring about more feelings of gratefulness in your life.”
Avoiding getting sucked into bad news is the other side of this equation. You may have to limit your media exposure from time to time if you find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook in the face of worldly horrors.
As Chen states, “Most cover stories are meant to shock, terrify and sweep you into a whirlwind of emotions. They don’t always feature the truth.” Other ways to cultivate a sense of gratitude include:
• Write thank you notes: Whether in response to a gift or kind act, or simply as a show of gratitude for someone being in your life, getting into the habit of writing thank-you letters can help you express gratitude in addition to simply feeling it inside.
• Nonverbal actions: This includes smiles and hugs, both of which can express a wide array of messages, from encouragement and excitement to empathy and support.
• Mind your please and thank-yous: While it’s easy to say words like please and thank you in passing, these courtesies can become potent acknowledgments of gratitude when combined with eye contact and sincerity.
As noted by Chen: “The next time your arms are full and someone holds the elevator doors for you, don’t just glance over your shoulder and say ‘thanks.’ Turn around, look them in their eyes and mean it; it’s the act of generosity that’s important.”
• Prayer and mindfulness meditation: Expressing thanks during prayer or meditation is another way to cultivate gratitude. Practicing “mindfulness” means that you’re actively paying attention to the moment you’re in right now.
A mantra is sometimes used to help maintain focus, but you can also focus on something that you’re grateful for, such as a pleasant smell, a cool breeze, or a lovely memory.
• Tap forth gratitude: The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is another helpful tool. EFT is a form of psychological acupressure based on the energy meridians used in acupuncture.
It’s an effective way to quickly restore your inner balance and healing and helps rid your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. In the video below, EFT practitioner Julie Schiffman demonstrates how to tap for gratitude.

What I’m Grateful for Right Now

As celebrates its 19th year online, I have much to be grateful for, especially my staff, without whom this website would not be what it is today. It takes many man-hours to keep everything running — a fact I quickly learned back in 1997 when I started this website and still had my medical practice.

One way of showing my gratitude each and every day is by providing my employees with the healthiest working environment and tools possible, starting with a Gold LEED certified building (LEED is a third-party verification for “green” buildings11).
We also use air purifiers, live plants and standup desks, and employees can work out and take fitness classes on the premises. It’s a clear win-win, as there are studies showing that employees who can exercise at work and use standup desks are more content, more productive and enjoy better health. I believe this to be true.

Nutrition is also important, which is why I make sure healthy organic lunches are provided. We even grow fresh sprouts at the office and make regular batches of fermented vegetables. The video above provides a behind-the-scenes look at my offices and the people who work there, including a quick interview with Kris, a former patient who now works for me.
Many other employees have also turned their health around by implementing the strategies discussed in this newsletter, and this is another reason why we have such an effective team — they know first-hand the benefits of what we’re doing here and, like me, they are passionate about spreading the news and helping others improve their health.

Thank You for Your Support!

Last but not least, I’m grateful for YOU. If you were not passionate about improving your health and wellbeing, there would be no point in any of this work. Sharing simple, inexpensive strategies that have a powerful effect on health is my passion. The fact that so many of you are taking these recommendations to heart and are implementing them and benefiting from them fills me with gratitude. It’s what makes this journey worthwhile.

Source: Mercola

These Worms Eat Plastic! Could They Help Us Avoid Destroying The Planet?

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 These Worms Eat Plastic! Could They Help Us Avoid Destroying The Planet?
By Alanna Ketler
I think it’s safe to say that we all know just how irresponsibly we have been using plastic over the past few decades; I don’t even know if we saw it as a problem until quite recently. The damage has been done and there is now so much plastic waste in landfills (and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the ocean) that the situation is starting to seem hopeless. Interestingly enough, there are garbage patches in the Indian and Atlantic oceans as well, but the Pacific is just the largest and gets all the credit. This is not only terrible for the environment, as plastic takes centuries to biodegrade, but very detrimental to wildlife as well.
In the United States alone, 33 million TONS of plastic waste are being thrown away every year, but less than 10% of the plastic being consumed actually ends up being recycled at all. And, according to Popular Mechanics, the material that is used to make plastic bottles can only be recycled into lesser products before eventually ending up in landfills as well.

Mealworms Eat Plastic!

But thanks to a recent discovery, it seems there is hope. It turns out that mealworms can survive off of nothing but Styrofoam; they can digest it, turn it into compostable waste, and still meet all their dietary needs. This is pretty amazing. A collaborative study between Stanford University and Chinese researchers found that just 100 mealworms were able to consume almost 40 milligrams of Styrofoam per day. This is by no means a lot, as 453,592 milligrams are equal to 1 pound of Styrofoam, but this has opened up the doors to some exciting implications. Many bugs have the ability to eat plastic, but not all are able to turn it into totally natural, biodegradable waste. The plastic also does not harm the worms in the process (phew).

So, Now What?

You may be thinking along similar lines as I was — just release millions of these little guys onto landfills all over the world and let nature run its course, but that is likely not going to happen. What might be feasible instead is that scientists could one day be able to recreate whatever biological process is allowing the mealworms to breakdown the plastic. If we were able to emulate the environment of the mealworms’ stomach on a mass scale, we wouldn’t have to use so much energy melting down bottles and other plastic containers and turning them into new bottles.

Can We Do Anything?

There are a number of things that can be done to help reduce our plastic consumption on a daily basis.
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Simply don’t drink soda, it’s bad for you anyways 😉
  • Choose items with as minimal plastic packaging as possible
  • Buy items in bulk, and bring your own containers or paper bags to put them in
  • Try making certain personal care products and foods yourself, and storing them in glass containers
For more tips on how to go even further without producing waste, give the following a read: She Hasn’t Produced Any Trash In Two Years. This Is What Her Life Is Like.
Much Love
Source: Collective Evolution

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